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SCCM Clients falling behind

Saturday, April 08, 2017 in System Center (Views: 3045)
I have found some recent issues with clients that go inactive in SCCM, finding that over versions of the SCCM client (that since have gone inactive), that the certificates may no longer be trusted. You will see errors like the following:

CCMVerifyMsgSignature failed. LocationServices 12560 (0x3110)

Failed to verify received message 0x80090006 LocationServices 12560 (0x3110)

CCMVerify failed with 0x80090006 LocationServices 12560 (0x3110)

The key here is the error 12560 (0x3110).

To get around this, and assuming all other pieces are in place (AD is configured, etc), you should be able to do a manual resolve if it's just a client or two. If it's many, there are VBScripts out there to assign site code.

To fix it:
- Go to the Configuration Manager Control Panel applet
- Go to the Site tab
- Click Configure Settings
- Even if the site detected is the same as your site code, click Find Site.

You will notice within a minute or so the logs begin to move again, more specifically the Policy* logs.

Another option is a client reinstall with the RESETKEYINFORMATION=TRUE. But the applet seems to be the easiest way to accomplish this.

Hope this helps.


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