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Communicator of the year takes a dive

Sunday, April 16, 2017 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 716)
Every year, we have award shows such as the CMAs, the Grammys, and even in business, they have their awards. As no doubt most of you who read or stalk my blogs know, I am avidly involved in professional wrestling. And, it makes perfect sense - professional wrestling again teaches us rules of business.

Take these large scale awards, or pair it down to your job. The award doesn't always go to the best or hardest working, or even the most results driven. The award becomes a popularity contest, meaning it is a complete bulls**t award.

So, Communicator of the Year - Oscar Munoz, step up to the plate. After United condoned beating an Asian doctor who refused to get off a plane, United proves again how it is out of touch with reality in 2 big ways:

1. Munoz proved that he is only sorry for being caught. He is sorry that he pretty much blamed the customer/passenger for what he did and stood behind his people. Well, 3 million views on Youtube may have a telling effect on a man who is about to be removed. I may not be into all this management psychobabble, but aren't "Communicators of the Year" not people who have to keep backpeddaling and making things clear? Definitely a bulls**t award. Perhaps he has been listening to Barack Hussein Obama who gave many devisive (I mean decisive) speeches which amounted to absolutely nothing. Munoz did the former loser in chief proud on this one.

2. United proved they are behind the times. Beatdowns in Chicago is extemely old and outdated. With the modern gunless utopia of Chicago, the criminal santuary shitty, oops city it is, you just murder people. Beatdowns are so 20th century, get with the times.

All is not lost, good people. Supposedly the officers performing the beatdown are all being disciplined (for being caught). And United now has a "no bump" policy with the millions they are losing in the lawsuit and this recent PR nightmare (hoping the good doctor sticks them hard). I would think they could have bought a few planes for what it cost them to pay off the lawsuit, the PR catastrophe, not to mention paying back all customers on that flight. Personally, this could have all been avoided by a 4 hour drive to Louisville by the flight attendants.

Anyone taking bets on Munoz's future?

Don't worry, all you millennials - there will still continue to be plenty of bulls**t awards for you in the future since all of you deserve one.

For a good read, try UNTIED.COM - notice it is not, read it carefully. It is a great United hate site and I encourage you to visit it.


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