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We're going somewhere else

Monday, April 17, 2017 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 809)
So, everyone cool your jets about the airline issues. What are the issues these days? Let's look at some of the better known:

Delta rocked the world with its overwhelming failure of the "stupid test" of their systems, when flight attendants and other personnel couldn't be found. You can only blame the weather for so long.

United, well, they are just completely screwed. Between beating down passengers, finding leggings agaist company travel policy (does anyone know who the employees on the flight are?) and more recently the scorpion sting, they have their hands full.

Another incident popped up where a couple to be married was kicked off a flight because they sat in seats they didn't pay for. I'm okay with that, but the man taking up the whole row should have been woken up and made to take the 1 seat he bought. No end to United's screwing up - worst in class service every year.

Spirit, they just suck. However, if you are trying to get to your own funeral, they will almost assuredly get you there late.

Bottom line - there aren't many players and the airlines knows this. Besides, you rack up a lot of loyalty on an airline? Why switch over to another, you lose the benefits.

For those of you who are the top tier fliers, you know that nothing is happening to you. Sure (insert airline name here) may suck, but you are getting their best - and you're not giving up the complimentary upgrades for you. For those of you who saved for a special trip to see famiy for (insert event here), the airline doesn't care about you. Continue to be treated like trash, and they couldn't care less about your $100 priceline ticket. These companies, like hotels are made up of the weekly traveler, where about 10% of people contribute to 85% of the revenue.

As foolish as it was "don't buy gas on xx day", so is switching airlines. They know you aren't going anywhere, and United stock after their PR week from hell only dropped 4% with no visible signs of ticket prices suffering.

So, relax all of you who believe that there is another game in town, you're not going anywhere.


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