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Goodbye Bill...

Sunday, April 23, 2017 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 875)
Greg Gutfeld, a guy who I find smart and entertaining was a far cry from someone who should send the O'Reilly Factor off, or should I just say "The Factor".

Greg had Tucker Carlson on the air, and at least Greg had the courage to say the name Bill O'Reilly. Tucker did not, as he was probably the good little boy wanting to keep his job. Greg is a bit more mainstay, and doubt any of the libtards want him off the air quite yet.

Several things have come of the recent forcing out of Bill O'Reilly - but what should he do?

My hope is that Bill does a few things:
1. Sues the Fox News network for their actions. Of course, I am sure he signed something releasing them from legal action. Hopefully his attorneys are smarter than that.

2. Starts his own network. Not that it worked out for Glenn Beck, but I think O'Reilly has a good shot at making it work. He should take some former and current Fox people with him.

3. Sues the whores who accused him without proof for violation of their payoff, whatever it was, since they violated the hush, apparently. I say, bring them all into the spotlight, let's see what lying whores look like. Wait, there are plenty out there, fine, just those specific lying whores please. Yes, I find most sexual harrassment is bullsh*t, some real claims are out there, but they are a minority.

4. I think someone like President Trump can use Bill. He's a credible voice and could make a difference. We'll see if there are any ties that can be used there.

5. Stop touring with Dennis Miller, Bill has never been funny, especially not like Dennis.

Until actual facts come out that prove otherwise, what happened to O'Reilly is complete bullsh*t. I'll leave it at that.


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