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Killing O'Reilly

Saturday, April 22, 2017 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 935)
Sounds like the name of the next Bill O'Reilly book, but probably isn't. Welcome to a new day, one where the double standards have reached an all time high.

But, we aren't just talking one death today, but two. Bill O'Reilly is beng accused of inappropriate sexual conduct. But, before we go crazy with the rhetoric, let's do a classic O'Reilly and analyze some facts here and how this means the death of Fox News, not O'Reilly so much.

I doubt few would argue that Fox News wouldn't be on the map without Bill O'Reilly as it is today.

Rupert Murdoch, the founder of Fox News since gave up the business to his liberal kids. Not long after, billionaire and classic liberal George Soros bought into the station. Why would someone buy into something they are so against? Seemed the writing was on the wall at this point, as other various eye candies had left "The #1 name in news" for much worse pastures.

O'Reilly was let go on accusations and not any actual convictions. When Bill Clinton was actually found guilty of cheating on his wife Hitlary, people couldn't get enough Bill (and not O'Reilly). So, Fox News wanted to squeeze out O'Reilly and gave him a great payday to do so, I'm sure. More on this later.

Sending in the whores is the hymn of the democryers. Remember Herman Cain and the whore train that followed? Amazing, women came out of nowhere to deface Herman Cain with all their unbelievable pain and suffering. When Cain dropped out, the women all disappeared into thin air, never to be heard from again. My logic is that Barack Hussein Obama couldn't beat a legitimate, decent, and logical black man like Cain or Carson. All Obama ever had in his favor was being black and the stupid sheep who followed him who thought fact checking wasn't really needed.

I'm sure the whore train was well paid by those who had ties to the Democryers, as were all the whore train - linked to said Democryers. Sexual harrasment is a real thing, but is also more often than not a very made up bullsh*t thing. Sexual harrasment is like violent diarreah as an excuse. You don't need any proof, you just accept it as truth.

Am I saying the whore train are a bunch of liars? Well in the context of making false accusations, going all over about pain and suffering, then disappearing when the goal is reached, well - sounds like a liar to me. It really isn't much different from the welfare system, their lies get a blind eye turned to them too.

Tucker Carlson is the big loser here, I think. Fox News has pretty much fatally shot themselves in two ways. First, they say they have a thin skin and won't back up anyone who is accused of anything, including their flagship guy. Second, they have alienated a lot of their loyal viewers. So, hopefully Soros doesn't lose too much in this deal.

Carlson is a smart guy, he's like a frat boy that loves to debate and argue, but he isn't Bill. People tuned in for Bill, and putting him there won't push him, it will put him over (a cliff). All his discussions wind up circular with people who stick to their talking points. Why does he do it? It's not like libtards are watching his show to show their tolerance for other people's views.

So I think here, we will see the beginning of the end of Faux News. Send in the Hannity Whores next, I bet.


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