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Where is v2?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 in Site News and Updates (Views: 821)
So, for the better part of a year I have been tossing around a new site, and finally have made a decision as to what I'll be implementing.

As for the journey, I am looking to learn C#, but just don't have the time or patience right now to learn a whole new language, so I started with a template. The lesson learned there was it takes more time to weed through what someone else has done and then ask the questions "how does this work", and potentially learn from someone's example who may not be best practice.

After working through a lot of code, decided the new site was slower and didn't offer the features the old site did. So, the old site is getting worked on.

What's new for v2?
  • First and foremost, that black and rainy background is gone.
  • A cleaner, more modern look.
  • I'm currently working through the webcode cleaning things up, including anything potentially hardcoded in the look and feel.

Later on, I do have some additional plans:
  • An improved blog search capability
  • Better blog indexing, and a tag system
  • A cleaner and more updated front page
  • More features for members (and membership will still be free)
  • Backend improvements to make the site easier to manage

Stay tuned for some great new features! Coming soon!


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