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How to use the new v2 Search

Saturday, September 02, 2017 in Site News and Updates (Views: 3139)
So, the new v2 search is up and running. Below is a screenshot from the left pane of the Blog Listing page.

This article will be updated as I add new features to the blog search, and will be an anchor on the blog listing page.

Although some of this is self-explanatory, let's go over the features:

Search Option Help will lead you to this page.

Search Everything or Search Just Titles will filter down what you are searching for in either just titles (the blog title or headine), or the title and blog text itself. Of course, the latter can net you a lot more results, but may not be as targeted.

Search any or all words will allow you to look for any or all words in your search string. If you have a single search string, nothing is required. You can put in any search string, including spaces to yield your result. This is a literal search.

To use the any or all feature, you will need to separate your keywords with commas. For example: "SCCM, site, boundary" will find all blogs with either any of those words, or all, depending on the option you picked. If you put in "SCCM site boundary", it will only look for the text SCCM site boundary specifically.

The above text searches are like queries not exact queries. So, if you are looking for the word "bill", you will also find words like "billion" or "billing".

From this category will allow you to filter down your results by which blog category it's in. If you know the blog you're looking for is related to System Center, selecting System Center will filter out other blogs, say Active Directory or PowerShell.

Results per page will just allow you to select how many blogs you would like to see (10, 25, 50 or 100) at one time. This will cause an automatic "postback", where the page will reload with the selected option.

The Tag option is the ability to search blogs by keyword. If you change this value, it will not update as this value is taken from the web URL. You will note that on the address bar, a value of ?Tag= is displayed. For more information on the tagging system, Click Here.

Enjoy the new search engine!


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