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About the blog tagging system

Sunday, September 03, 2017 in Site News and Updates (Views: 1417)
The tagging system is new in the v2 site and is meant to assist in searching blogs by keyword. This blog is about the tagging feature and will be updated as the features change.

For more information about the searching options, Click Here.

What is tagging?
Tagging is the process of building keywords against blogs.

How are the tags created?
I have written a PowerShell script that searches the titles and bodies of the blogs for keywords. If a keyword is found, a tag is added to the blog. Also, any blogs are tagged by their category as well.

Why script the tags?
When I first built the tagging feature, the site had about 800 blogs. It was much easier to build the script than read 800 blogs, although it could be a great time of looking back at the last 10+ years of the site.

How do I use it?
When reading a blog, you will see Tags on the left hand side, with any applicable tags noted. By clicking a tag, you will be taken back to the blog list, where the search will default to the tag. You can then narrow your results from there.

Will you go back and tag all the blogs by hand?
Anything's possible, but in the interest of public safety, I wouldn't hold your breath. It's a lot of work.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the tagging system.


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