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The NFL: America Hating, Bigoted, Irrelevant Political class

Thursday, October 05, 2017 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 785)
Before I get started, if you're one of those easily offended snowflakes needing a coloring book and a safe space, you can stop reading now - you've been warned.

Now, to the NFL, the America hating, racist, spineless, and ultimately irrelevant organization. They are entertainers, clowns in football uniforms, who decided that they wanted to expand their footprint into politics. So, it's all about the kneeling, locking arms, and other forms of Anti-American protest and racial bigotry in action.

So, let's break down the levels of stupid here.

The beginning, Wittle Cowin Kaepernick who somehow people are stupid enough to think he can't get a job due to race when the facts are all over the place. He failed out of football and tried protesting to make himself a sideshow and relevant so people wouldn't fire him. He took a 49ers franchise to a 2-14 record in 2016 and then couldn't find a job. Let's see, lose 14 and win 2, sounds like someone wasn't performing. Let's also add his "wanting a dialogue" includes wearing socks with pigs dressed up in police uniforms. Sounds like the stupid are those who actually believe him.

Does someone who ran a 2-14 team deserve a chance with another team? Well, possibly, if he wasn't trying to make a name for himself as a total racist America hating scumbag. Nobody wanted him because of the aspect he was bad for business. The NFL is ultimately about money, not about "causes".

We're not trying to divide, we're trying to unite is among the stupidest things I have heard yet. All these clowns are doing is trying to promote America hating racism as a new fad. You're showing disdain for America and saying that you're not trying to disrespect those soldiers giving you the freedom to be the America hating trash you are? Please. You obviously are stupid enough to sell it, and people aren't buying it.

We don't intend to disrespect the soldiers falls right in line with stupid. You are disrespecting the anthem and the flag those soldiers are defending. When a soldier is wounded or killed in combat, nobody stops play to cart them off to ice their little booboo. They fight for their own survival. They aren't playing with balls and enjoying taking other men to roll in the grass with them, they are catching bullets and fire, not footballs.

Oppressed millionaires has to be the funniest yet. How stupid are we to actually believe their crap? Let's see, the average NFL player makes 2.4 million dollars a season, something that a lot of fans won't see over their working lifetime. So, how can these people be oppressed when they are the most fortunate among us? They make a ton of money, have a spotlight on them, and even looked up to. Sure, argue you can be hurt and it's dangerous. There are a lot of people doing dangerous work for $40K a year or less. They get that kind of money because the market pays it, or at least it did.

Roger Goodell as "King Douchebag", is a spineless, America hating racist who is only out for his own good and ego. He seems to have no problem taking billions in corporate welfare from the government, sending it to the teams, and pays no taxes. Then thumbs his nose up at those who actually pay for the crap he's pushing.

Let's also keep in mind as expensive as an NFL game is to go to, that many fans plan this game like many do a vacation, and this is how you treat them. I guess King Douchebag and the National Felon League see the fans as an ATM - push their buttons and they spit out cash.

The fans buying into this, making the race war part of popular culture. One of the dumbest things I've ever read in a forum EVER came from all places, where some idiot troll named "globalcooling" posted this:

Obviously this guy doesn’t understand that standing for the national anthem is racist. Loving your country is racist and honoring the military members who died to protect our freedoms is racists. And of course, rich white team owners are slave masters and of course, racist.

You have to be kidding me, rich white team owners who pay players millions of dollars a year are slave owners. Where can I sign up to be a slave for that kind of money? These slave owners as this idiot brings up also contract players on their own free will. So, maybe watching the NFL is direct support of slavery, you assmunch, you should stop watching it. And don't forget the millions of slave owners they are paid every year (Washingtons, Lincolns, etc). I'm sure they can rise above hate to cash their paychecks that every dollar represents a white slave owner to them.

What does the NFL stand for?

National Felon League

  • Wife beatings
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug addiction
  • Hating America and those who defend its freedom
  • Pro racist gestures (like on-field black power chants)
  • Corruption
  • Undying support for multiple felon and America hater Adam "Pacman" Jones, who has 6 felonies and has survived with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, just so he could keep being pushed as a role model.
  • ...and the list continues

What wouldn't they support?
  • Support of the Dallas police officers killed in 2016
  • Victims of all the crimes committed by NFL players
Allow me to add a small, not complete list of said players:

So why is the NFL irrelevant?
Professional football, like any other form of entertainment is subject to the value those wanting to see it put on it. At the end of the day, the (insert clown group or "team" here) the game itself has no bearing on life. The next day, who won or lost, what play was made, doesn't affect we go back to work and back to real life. On the other hand, those who fight for your freedom do matter. Imagine what would happen if we lost soldiers overseas or if a city was attacked by (insert whackjob leader here). I'm pretty sure that would affect our daily lives.

My conclusion
The NFL has stated their true colors, and regardless of "we're sorry, we'll change", we know how they really feel about America and their cash paying customers. Why would it make sense to give them another chance when they stand more for race wars, wife beatings, murders, and other random felonies than for fallen police officers and soldiers.

The owners of these teams have huge investments and they are all about doing what's best to keep the business running. If standing or kneeling is a money maker, they'll stick with it.


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