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Green lives matter

Monday, October 09, 2017 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 893)
So, we made it to paydirt, folks. The NFL owners are finally taking a stand for their profits, oops I meant patriotism when they have learned that the fans they are losing are not backing down from their boycott.

The simple truth is ticket sales are down, advertising revenue is down, and people really just don't care about the National Felon League. The simple truth is that to stand for the anthem now and force players to do it is a simple thing to see through. The NFL, players, and owners have made it very clear where they stand on the issues and what their real feelings are.

Needless to say, the owners have learned that they need the cash paying fans far more than the fans need them.

In other news, Wittle Cowin made the news again supposedly for saying he would stand for the anthem if another team would let him play again. Besides that making him a sellout to his own cause, nobody actually heard him say those words. I do believe it would be back to drama as usual if he were to get another job. But then again, who wants a quarterback that lead his team straight into a 2-14 record anyway?

Sounds like you need to find the dumbest kid in school, and cheat off his paper to believe that. :)


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