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Douchebag Goodell: Enough is Enough

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 1091)
I'm sorry to blow the door off of the NFL's corporate secrets, but they are all about the money and not the message. King Douchebag Roger Goodell sent a letter to all owners saying essentially that the protests are killing the NFL and that they will need to find another way to use politics as a weapon in a way that will piss off the country less.

Team owners in some cases now are threatening benching players for not respecting the flag or anthem. Jerry Jones, the two faced owner of the Dallas Convicts, had a strong stance before caving to his true America hating stance of the team. Once it affected his bottom line, he was back to being a proud flag supporter.

Again, if the NFL is back to slavery and plantations, you tell me where I can sign up to work 6 months for the average 2.4 million dollars (or slave owners) and have the option of sitting out and not getting hurt for this free money. Let's also not forget the National Felon League's "get away with anything" policy, so if you're looking to be a criminal, this is a great deal for you.

Too little, too late. We know the NFL is out to use politics to mobilize their pro-racism, division, and America hating platform. President Trump was right and Goodell knows it by acknowledging that protesting the flag and hating the people who bring the freedom to hate their country is killing the National Felon League.

So, get on your knees, you're going to need to - to beg for a job bagging groceries or flipping burgers. Welcome to the real world. The President was half right - you're not sons of bitches, you're just bitches.


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