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Wittle Cowin has a gwevience

Monday, October 16, 2017 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 1105)
Now this has to be the classic example of entitlement, and something that should be watched closely.

So, Wittle Cowin has an issue with the NFL because nobody will give him a job. Okay, let's remove the fact he's a racist America and cop hating hypocrital scumbag for a moment and look at the facts...
  • He did a terrible job as a quarterback
  • He led a once good team to a 2-14 season, meaning his 2 wins were overshadowed by 14 losses.
  • He embarrased the 49ers organization both on and off the field.
  • He caused controversy, and San Francisco knows all about hating America by loving federal money but breaking any federal law they don't agree with.

Wittle Cowin believes everyone hates him and his path to getting a job as an NFL player (or at least free money) is to file a grievance. Now, not to use the NFL channels, he decided to use alleged scumbag attorney from O.J. Simpson claim to fame, Mark Geragos. This is looking more credible by the moment.

Is Wittle Cowin qualified as a NFL player?
Well, let's look...
  • America Hater, check.
  • Racist scumbag, check.
  • Entitled oppressed millionaire, check.
  • Felony record, needs improvement.

His point is that all the owners hate him and are out to keep him from the National Felon League. Now, let's talk about a very simple business practice we call references. It doesn't take much to know he caused division and controversy, not to mention was bad for business. So, if you do a terrible job, expect your references not to be good.

Why is Wittle Cowin's pwoblem so big of a deal? Well, so anyone who was cut from the National Felon League can just say they are out of a job because nobody wants them, and they all are wanting them out. I wonder how this works towards private industry, when someone is fired - will they be able to sue because they can't find another job?

How stupid is it that there is even a debate here. These are your "heroes" of the NFL, fighting for the last of the scraps before the money's gone.


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