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Freemium Beater: Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire

Monday, October 30, 2017 in Games (Views: 1019)
If you like games like Adventure Capatalist, then this game is very similar in that it's a race to buy up everything and upgrade skills. One major difference is that Crazy Taxi is more than just a "tap tap" game.

Note this blog was written on the Android version of the game.

If you really want to progress, there are some things to note:

1. If you really want to make fake money at this game, you actually have to play it. Unlike Adventure Captalist, you do need to get into the game. The game itself is a tap based game, or as I like to say, modernized "whack-a-mole". You have to tap on people to pick up, stunts, and arial prizes. This is far faster by design than just watching numbers scroll.

2. Where it's usually a bad idea to play scratch tickets, the "A" and "S" tickets are a good thing to have. Every one is a winner and a bonus prize at the top, which is usually a new driver or an upgrade of an existing one. Usually these come in the game when you are playing whack-a-mole and the arial prize appears.

Also with these scratch tickets, you can grind ads to take an hour away per ad. The S tickets take 8 ads but are far more lucrative than the A tickets, which take 4. The bonus prize is an additional ad.

3. You have a multiplier, upgrades by diamonds (250 each level). I would say only spend your diamonds on the upgrades, and fuel up to see your upgrades.

Diamonds are easiest to come by fulfilling contracts. You'll see this on the screen. You will also come across them once in a while from the arial prize and from upgrading drivers.

4. The game will tell you about the small details like VIP customers, stunts, and the like. Take advantage of them.

5. The key thing to look at is the amount you are making per hour. This is the amount you are also making when you're idle (x2 with an ad).

6. Try to invest in cars more than grinding driver upgrades. The newer levels unlock with more cars, and are more lucrative. So, you can go back for driver upgrades and it will be easier to pay for them.

7. Driver upgrades are an interesting thing. They will produce more income for you (the amount per hour) but also unlock things like diamonds, other drivers, or driver upgrades. Try not to focus on grinding these, like I said. Work on new levels. You can go as far as 500 before the multipliers stop. If you go over, it's fine, the driver will make more but no more multipliers.

8. Selling out is a good thing, but not right away. I find that if I say have a 333,000 multiplier, I want to at least triple it before moving on and selling out. You do keep all your cars and drivers, so you don't need to hunt them again. You will lose all your cars and progress, but starting over does get easier.

This game is overall fun and doesn't ask for money. My guess is the ads pay for this game. A spoiler and open loophole below, so stop reading if you don't want to see it.

Spoiler Alert
Airplane mode is your friend in this game, unless you require constant connectivity. You can skip these ads with it:
  • The large arial bonus that asks if you want to watch an ad to obtain it. This saves a lot of time in game play.
  • The bonus prize on the scratch off ticket.
  • Doubling your away earnings

This is a way to speed up gameplay and you won't be cheating them out of ad time, there are still plenty in the scratch off tickets. You can minimize time you are disconnected by disabling wifi or going into airplane mode just before the ad and enabling it after.

Enjoy the game!


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