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Wrestlemania leaks in Lake Charles, LA

Sunday, April 1, 2012 in Professional Wrestling (Views: 3440)
Well, it appears that Wrestlemania results were leaked in advance of the event. You have to hate this when it happens, since some people spent $64.99 in Hi-Def, but only $54.99 for standard def. I remember the last Wrestlemania I saw live on PPV, was Wrestlemania 9. Back then, it was a shocking $34.99, up from Wrestlemania 3's bargain basement price of $29.99. That was 25 years ago, people. My review of it is coming, but thankful to say - that even though we purchased it, we never received it. Fault the DVR or the cable company, but I'm thankful not to have paid for it, or seen it live.

Note: This is not a joke, people. This happened a week before Wrestlemania, not today.

However, this isn't good as WWE began dropping ads on March 26th (a week before Wrestlemania) in Lake Charles, LA for the May 27th SmackDown live event.

Events listed were:
1. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus for the World Title (Sheamus won the match against Daniel Bryan)
2. Big Show vs. Kane (Paul aka "Show" won the US Title against Cody Rhodes tonight)
3. Natalya vs. Beth Phoenix (who retained the title).

There was an attempted cover, however. Later in the day, the ad was changed from Randy Orton vs. Sheamus to Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus.

Didn't think that WWE would rewrite the show and rebook anything at this point. Hopefully, they would just hope people missed this slip, but it didn't miss everyone.

Needless to say, there are some unhappy campers in Stamford, CT - and for sure, someone has been fired or "reassigned" to a very undesirable place after this.

As it's been said by the one and thankfully only Johnny "Ace" Laurinaitis, "I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors".


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