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WWE promo: A campaign ad against Barack Hussein Obama?

Saturday, September 15, 2012 in Professional Wrestling (Views: 2680)
Of all the interesting promos, John Cena posted a promo in his match at "Night of Champions" this Sunday vs. Phil Brooks (aka CM Punk). John painted Phil, being from Chicago, in the likeness of Obama. It's very out of Vince McMahon's circus to take political sides, except "Pro America".

In Cena's promo, he pointed out to Punk that the 300 days he was champion (he took it from Cena). In those 300 days, the championship has become irrelevant (yes, I'll leave that point alone). He then pointed a picture and drew a straight line to the lord and savior, Barack Hussein Obama.

Cena started by saying that Punk was accusing that there was some global conspiracy against him, yet main event after main event goes by and he's slipping them. There was no conspiracy, rather no CM Punk.

Cena went on to talk about Punk's rise, and how Punk was declaring change - how he wanted to promote change and when he became champion, everyone was overjoyed that "They got change". What they realize is that the only change that you meant was "Make CM Punk a star", leaving the fans disappointed and cheated as to what change was.

Cena went on to then say that Punk had no identity and that nobody knew who CM Punk really was. He was just stealing everyone else's persona. Even Kurt Angle, in another company and unrelated, took issue with Punk and his lack of persona.

Essentially, a chilling line drawn. Why the McMahon push here? Well, his wife was running for office as a Republican (as Vince is), and her link to WWF/WWE is what Republicans and Democrats alike condemn her for.

It could be interesting to see if this is a one time thing, or if the Republicans may be getting some free advertising to pro wrestling fans.


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