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New Powershell Blogs

Thursday, March 28, 2013 in Site News and Updates (Views: 3220)
Looks like time rolls on and things are changing.

For those who know me and the pride I've taken for many years on Visual Basic and VBScript, and to a lesser extent, the .NET languages (which this site was ironically written in ASP.NET and VB.NET), the time has come.

I'll be adding Powershell blogs here as I have time, and some of my ramblings from more the VB to PS conversion types who are having a hard time wanting to move over. I feel you, and I'm going kicking and screaming like most of you.

Yes, I still have my Turbo Pascal disks - yet, not sure if I could even write a DOS program anywhere like I used to. Wait, here's a Pascal code sample from my personal memory bank. :)

uses crt, dos
writeln ('Hello World')

Okay, so time has moved on. Stay tuned for some new stuff.


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