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SMS Backup and UNC Failing

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 in System Center (Views: 2549)
You say you use SCCM, and this doesn't apply to you? Well, even if you are on 2012 SP1 (the new version as of this date), you are still running SMS, version 5. So, this may be useful to you if you back up to UNC.

Maybe another short blog, but big in the amount of time you will save, because reading the logs sometimes can drive you crazy. When doing the SMS Backup task, some of us like to back up to UNC, meaning that we don't like to keep our backup and live data on the system (making us smart). Whereas backing up to the local drive is quick and convenient, you still want to scoop that backup up into a larger backup just in case.

So, here's the issue:
- You set the backup to go to \\server\share
- Message comes up in smsbkup.log that \\server\share doesn't exist or you don't have permissions
- You can access \\server\share, and you go crazy and make sure that the local system account for both SQL and SCCM have write permissions (Share and NTFS) to this folder
- You still can't make a backup

So, there are a couple ways to fix this:
- Create a folder under the share, such as \\server\share\backup
- Back up to the local drive

I chose the top option, and later will be blogging on how the afterbackup can help you keep additional hot backups.

Supposedly, this was something that was supposed to be fixed in SP1 for 2012, but wasn't resolved. So, the above solutions still apply.


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