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SMS and the "Data Discovery Collection Cycle"

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 in System Center (Views: 3574)
So, this is just one of those things that nobody has seemed to document out there, and it's a shame, as the actual SCCM documentation, including many previous versions, didn't cover this.

So, there is Discovery: AD System, Group, and so forth. One of those needed discoveries is Heartbeat. Why? Well, Heartbeat Discovery is the client's way of saying "Please don't delete me, I'm still alive". It also is the way that the client can find its way back to the site server.

So, I have dragged this blog on enough. If nobody has noticed, there is not a "Heartbeat Cycle" in the client actions. So, enter the Data Discovery Cycle - a way that you can manually trigger Heartbeat discovery.

So, if you are desperately searching for this online, please, search no more.


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