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VMWare Fusion and Old Gaming

Tuesday, May 08, 2018 in Technical Articles (Views: 950)
So, I set out on a little project to create a VM from Windows XP and play some of my old games I had ISOed years ago. Why not, had a long plane trip coming and needed to pass the time.

This may adapt the same to VMWare Workstation, but a couple of settings became incredibly important, as I found gaming to be far more pleasant after setting these items:

Issue 1: Screen was too small.
You can’t play an evidence based game at 640x480 on a screen 5 times this size.

Go to the settings of your VM. You want to select “Stretch the Virtual Machine in the window”

Issue 2: Mouse moved too quickly
This was a nice feature when I found it. Under VMWare Fusion’s Preferences (not the VM itself), under General is “Gaming”. Select the option “Always optimize mouse for games”.

Hope this helps someone else and happy gaming.


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