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Bad Storylines: Chavo Gurrero vs. Hornswoggle

Wednesday, August 01, 2018 in All Blogs (Views: 222)
I recently embarked on the SLOW series to turn to bad rivalries, but this isn’t even a rivalry. Pretty much anything containing Hornswoggle was a bad angle and was career suicide or at least mockery for doing it.

Hornswoggle was WWEs resident leprichaun in the late 2000s. WWE then was still in the PG era and was trying to win over fans with a more family friendly show. Back then, celebrity guests were involved every week and that also included various comedy routines that were also considered matches. Really the business was hurting, and WWE doing this was desperate.

Enter Chavo Guerrero, who was the nephew of the beloved and now deceased wrestler Eddie Guerrero. He was struggling and trying to find a place in the company, and they were equally struggling to keep him relevant. They resorted to using him in more comedy storylines.

They booked Chavo in a series of these comedy matches, anything from a bullrope match where Chavo had to wear a high school mascot uniform to being outright blindfolded or having an arm tied behind his back. Really this was done to “level the playing field”.

I think the worst of the matches was a “falls count anywhere” match, where Chavo was chasing Hornswoggle all over the back and had a series of “Home Alone” incidents happened to him. It mercifully for the fans ended when he was kicked out by a paint can on a string.

Needless to say, with his experience, family’s history and heritage, it was embarrassing for him and his family. This went on for months and it was painful to watch, even in fast forward to get through it.

Somehow, Chavo survived another year or two in the company before his release which he wanted. For his efforts, Wrestling Observer gave this rivalry the “Worst Feud of the year” award.

Good for Chavo though, I think it’s probably because of the seemingly millions of matches he had to do with Hornswoggle that he is in the class action lawsuit against WWE for brain injury.


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