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Pro Wrestling

My Beef with Hyprocritical Christians

Tuesday, August 07, 2007 in My Opinions and Rantings (Views: 4849)
What is my beef with Christianity? Well, Christians for the most part. Being a Christian myself, there are times that actually admitting to being a Christian shames me. Seeing this article is one of those times. This article is called from Landover Baptist Church entitled "WWF - A Hotbed of Latent Homosexuality."

This article is going to be deeply offensive to some. Read it at your own risk.

Incidentally, Landover Baptist is the "church" that blasts everything that is not their own slander. Very little truth from the Bible can be found there. These are the same people that preach our soldiers die in Iraq because it's God's justice on America. They get their own blog later I later found this whole website and "church" was nothing more than a glorified hoax by some that were pissed off with Christianity, but thought provoking, no less.

Some Christians have nothing better to do than judge others who aren't part of their church. These so-called Christians are "holier than God" and believe only they have a monopoly of the truth. These are people who will find something wrong with anything Christian they don't sponsor - even things like Promise Keepers. I find these Christians usually turn to become the biggest of the hypocrites.

So here we are... I am going to lay out the article, found here with my rebuttal.

Article: These sweaty men in tight women’s underwear who can’t keep their hands off each other may be fooling the unsaved world, but they're not fooling Jesus.

Commentary: Who said they were fooling anyone? Your average 8 year old knows the stuff is fake.

Article: (Paraphrased) It goes on to talk about a stage for pornography, lustful screaming fans, and takes shots at Ted Turner for using his "pornographic cable empire to soil the living rooms of Americans everywhere with the sight of prancing homosexuals acting out their shameless fantasies of performing S&M, dress-up and heavy-petting before a live audience."

Commentary: Please. This is entertainment, and not a sport. However, I don't see any specific examples to back up these accusations. I have followed pro wrestling now for 25 years, and I can't think of what they are taking about with S&M. Of course they dress up.

Article: A recent study by the Family Research Council of long time fans of Capital Wrestling concluded “except for a widow in Bethesda, all of these people are clearly latent homosexuals.” Many of them don't even know it, but God knows. And so do we. They watch to fulfill their perverted desires to see men touching each other in tight swimtrunks that leave nothing to the imagination.

Commentary: Where do I start here? A widow in Bethesda? Men touching each other? Ummm, coming from a 20 year collegiant wrestling background, and a former student of pro wrestling, can you qualify any of this? Do you understand the real sport of wrestling? It isn't about gay sex.

Article: The Landover Baptist Church in conjunction with the State of Iowa and "Christians for Human Decency" has declared the WWF and all of its affiliates "A Danger to Society."

Commentary: I can imagine the amount of members you have cheating on your spouses, and the vigiliant porn addicts jacking off multiple times a day while fighting the very cause they are supporting. It's trash TV, but no worse than McDonald's is to the human body - you choose to put the trash in you.

Article: At a press conference last week, Landover pastor, Deacon Fred, called on Christians everywhere to "take up the cross of Jesus."

Commentary: Finally a point I agree on, but the sentence wasn't done. Unfortunately I had to take this point out of context to say I agreed with something in the article.

Article: He said, "You might have to take up that cross and smack a 400lb homo in the head with it, but when they get knocked down, they'll finally know that they are all down for the count when Jesus steps in the ring. Amen."

Commentary: So if I understand this point correctly, all wrestlers are homosexual. I beg to differ since many are married, and have kids. A man needs to have sex with a woman to produce a child, moron. You don't need to be a pro wrestler (or homosexual to them) to find your way to hell. You can believe you're living a clean life and without Jesus find your way to hell just as quickly, without a GPS. Also, another fast track to the fires of hell would be to become a member of Landover Baptist, do a search on my blogs for it.

Article: Deacon Fred went on to say, "Change needs to happen at home too. And it is our duty to warn poor, devoted wives that they are married to men who are on the very brink of turning to the fellow seated next to them at the wrestling match and giving into the lusts that destroyed Sodom."

Commentary: You're kidding again, right? The mentally disturbed few take this seriously - we all know it isn't real. It is supposed to pass for entertainment, which the now WWE is not really very good at producing (good entertainment).

Article: Noted Christian psychologist, Charles Socarides, is a key figure in leading the fight to dismantle the WWF. "Studies show that the fans of this so-called "sport" secretly wear women's panties under their blue jeans," he writes, "They scream at the wrestlers, all the while wishing that these gigantic, sweaty beasts would climb over the rails and carry them off to a 'love nest.' It's sickening, it's unhealthy, and they are targeting children with their message of perversion."

Commentary: This speaks for itself - if you trust them with your soul, you could be in the express lane to hell, or at least the nut house. But who did the study of fans wearing women's panties to the matches? Were they in fact, say women? Again, these loons fail to qualify their accusations and statements.

Article: The WWF is already shaking in its boots. They've decided to remove the term "Smackdown" from any headline. "They knew full well that the word 'Smackdown' is used in the homosexual community to describe 'a gathering of three or four catty black dragqueens to disparage each other’s clothing and hair," said Christians for Human Decency spokesman, Mark Hines.

Commentary: You don't watch professional wrestling obviously. Heard of Friday Night Smackdown? I won't even take your definition at face value, being that you've been so screwed up in everything else to this point.

Article: The WWF is also complying with a petition to remove controversial "holds" or "wrestling moves." The "ear-lobe lick," the "hiney squeeze," and the "lip lock" are the first three of ten "moves" to go.

Commentary: Has ANYONE out there heard of any of these moves, or how they are applied? I believe these are mostly instruments of foreplay, not in a ring... I have 25 years of knowledge of this business, and never once saw any of these being sold as legitimate pro wrestling holds...

Article: "This is going to be a long, hard road." Pastor Deacon Fred notes. "God calls us to force unsaved people to conform to Biblical morality.

Commentary: Ummmm... You must be the people killing abortion doctors in the name of Jesus (which incidentally He doesn't need your help).. You can't force anyone who isn't a Christian to abide by the standards of the Bible, that is the same as saying that people in Iran need to conform to the laws of the United States.

Article: Fifty years of brainwashing the American public, and turning normal, decent couch potatoes into homosexual time bombs is what we're up against. By the grace of God, we will put an end to this wrestling nonsense before Jesus comes back."

Commentary: I suppose they missed everything else dating back to the Garden of Eden, that pro wrestling was the only thing that is a black mark on society.

Article: "These demon possessed men can sometimes reach heights of over 7 feet. Some of them weigh over 500 lbs! The Bible tells us that none of this matters. God is not impressed.

Commentary: This has to be my favorite, by far. So if you're a wrestler, you're a homosexual, and if you're 7 feet or 500 pounds you're demon possessed. Okay, pass the drugs you're using, they must be good.

Article: The Bible tells us that none of this matters. God is not impressed.

Commentary: And yet, you have wasted your time to slander professional wrestling. Even God may be impressed at this enormous waste of time. Of course none of this matters, it's all a show branded under "entertainment". People choose to watch it.

Article: Remember what happened to that oversized homosexual predator Goliath? The Lord would not allow him to turn little David into his catamite, so David cracked Goliath’s skull open like a hen egg. To Him, these wrestlers are nothing more than gigantic 'sissies.' The bigger the man, the more of a sissy he is. You remember that, when you get ready to rumble for Jesus!"

Commentary: Where does it say Goliath was homosexual in the Bible? The moral to that story was that the average man can slay a giant. But of course since Goliath was over 7 feet tall, that also made him demon possessed. For those wrestlers who have become Christians, I will make them aware of your article when I see them this weekend. They do rumble for Jesus and do an excellent job of it.

Incidentally, call one of these wrestlers "gigantic sissies" that to their face. I give you a slim chance you would arrive at the assault trial under your own power.

Final Words: I have heard a lot of stupid things, and I am not a fan of Vince McMahon, but this article qualifies nothing. What's next? Jesus was gay? These people feel they have a monopoly of the truth, but are probably just a bunch of hypocrites that are nothing more than loud.


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