...Because someone's gotta tell the story...

Album Contents

NASA - Sponsered by Everyone

Minute Maid Park - Houston, TX and the train

NASA - Launch Briefing

Kemah, TX: Waterfront

The best ride at NASA

Kemah, TX: Boats

Houston, TX: NASA Mission Control

Kemah, TX: About Sundown

Houston, TX: NASA Spaceship

Sundown by the Mississippi

Houston, TX: NASA Spaceship

Utah View Point

Houston, TX: Another Spaceship

More Utah

Kemah, TX: Across the Boardwalk

Even More Utah

Biltmore Estate: Asheville, NC

Chicago Style Dog in Texas?

Biltmore Estate (Again): Asheville, NC

Galveston, TX at the water

Snoopy at the Minneapolis Airport

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Just Travel

Just random pictures from travel and places I've been...

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