...Because someone's gotta tell the story...

Album Contents

Steve Williams Walking Around The Ring

"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff Signing Autographs

Bobby Eaton

"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff Again

Steve Williams and Nikita Koloff

Me & Ricky Morton

Me and Bobby Eaton

Dustin Rhodes (and Tommy Young)

Dustin Rhodes in the ring

Jim Cornette

Ted Diabase and Ron Garvin

Me and Jim Cornette

Another Ted and Ron

"Hacksaw" Butch Reed

Tommy Young and Dustin Rhodes

Rick Steiner

Left to Right...

"Bullet" Bob Armstrong Picking His Nose

J.J. Dillon

The Ring - what it's all about...

Ole Anderson

George Gray - One Man Gang

Me and Ole Anderson

Bill Eadie "Ax" and Koko B. Ware

The Original Midnight Express

Bob Armstrong NOT picking his nose

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams Signing Autographs

Robert Gibson

Another of Steve Williams Signing Autographs

Bill Eadie and Rick Steiner

George South, the Jobber

Ricky Morton shooting a promo

Sgt. Slaughter

"Hacksaw" Butch Reed (Again)

Sgt. Slaughter (Again)

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NWA Legends Wrestlefest

These are some of the pictures taken from the NWA Legends Wrestlefest held August 2007 in Charlotte, NC.

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