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Another view of the "Ass Blaster"

...and another from the island

The "Ass Blasting" Toilet Seat

From the outside, looking towards a resort

Japanese Washer/Dryer

View of the water

Another Japanese Washer/Dryer

Can you say happy?

The inside of the Washer/Dryer

Okinawa is very Americanized, signs in English

Of course, American DVD's

Typical busy street, they drive on the wrong side!

The massaging chair, need I say more?

Toyota - American as apple pie

Think that's Japanese for McDonald's?

One of Many McDonald's

Of course, a closeup of Starbucks

Pachinko's - Where Japanese lose their money

Real Japanese Food

Good old Starbucks

Of all things, A&W

Japanese Supermarket - on the upscale side

What have we done to these poor people?

Wonderful technology - huge flatscreen TV's

Big Coca Cola Lighted Wheel

The Japanese have perfected small technology

Shopping Mall - Mainland Japan

Japanese Software

Gateway to the Pacific Ocean

Any of these disks labeled "Learn Japanese?"

Another from the island

"Spidey 3" is big here too

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Okinawa, Japan - 2007

Pictures of Okinawa from my trip in 2007 - a lot of the pictures by the road were taken while moving, so a lot of them aren't the greatest... Amazing how Americanized this place is however...

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