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Shopping Mall - Mainland Japan

Business as usual

Same Mall, Nice Clock

Some familiar companies..

Hiroshima, Japan, right outside the train station

Grafitti, or Japanese?

Tiny laptop - I want one :)

These guys get around

..and the specs - and it's on sale!

Pachinko, they are everywhere

KFC in Hiroshima, Japan

Driving down the road

DeoDeo - Japan's big electronics store

The "Chicken Shack"

Oh Thank Heaven for 7-11

You can sort of see the mall part

Hiroshima's Stadium

Cooking your own lunch

The train station

I'm guessing the sign says "No Littering"

Mainland Japan

The bullet train

More Mainland Japan

Another view of the bullet train

A look down the street...

The SHIN station, where the bullet train is

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Mainland, Japan - 2007

Some of these pictures may be bad since they were taken from a moving train, but here is mainland Japan.

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Shopping Mall - Mainland Japan

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Each level of the mall is a different store, so make sure to pay for everything before moving on...